Working'!! – Episode 5

Souta has about had it with Kyoko not handling her manager duties, so Poplar tries to find some way to patch things up. However, she and the other employees (other than Yachiyo) struggle to find any redeeming traits. Souta, Jun, and Hiroomi then get together and decide that enough is enough. Hiroomi tells Kyoko that they didn’t order enough food, and if she eats anymore, they’ll be shut down and fired. Kyoko struggles to survive, but after she doesn’t eat a cake the workers give a lost girl, even after being offered, they relent and let her eat.

Satou: Heir apparent to Pedobear

Satou: Heir apparent to Pedobear

I dunno, maybe it’s cause I’ve actually worked with managers that didn’t do anything, but the episode still didn’t give me much sympathy for Kyoko, even if the other characters felt it and, of course, the episode itself undermined that sympathy intentionally at the end as well. I just wondered why it took so long for some of them to put their foot down about it.

Meanwhile, as much as Souta looks down on the other’s weirdness, he proves once again that he is probably the weirdest one of them all. I knew the moment he saw a small kid outside that nothing good was going to happen if Souta had anything to do with it. I’m almost surprised he did’t do anything worse.