Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 5

Fu’s old friend Chihiro comes to visit Takehara, but gets off at the wrong station, so Fu’s mother goes to pick her up. In the meantime, Fu meets some of her mother’s old biker friends in the cafe, who show Fu pictures of her mother. The next day, Fu takes Chihiro to meet her other friends, and the conversation soon turns to Fu’s different nicknames: “Potte” and “Fu-nyon,” and how she got those nicknames. Sayomi then show up and decides that they should all take an expedition up a big hill. In a neighboring town. By walking.

All of Fu's friends, together

All of Fu's friends, together

Once again, another excellent episode. I figured Chihiro would probably visit eventually, and the episode was as good as I was hoping it would be. So we learn that “Potte” is a name Sayomi gave Fu because she thought it described how she moved, and Chihiro calls her “Fu-nyon” because she accidentally called her that when they met, out of nervousness.

It was nice to see Chihiro finally warm up to all of Fu’s other friends, especially Maon, in this episode, and I hope she decides to come visit again later.

This episode was better paced than the last one, I think. It still kept the show’s relaxed feeling, but wasn’t so slow that it felt like the writers were just trying to fill time up. I think so far this probably rates as the 2nd best show I’m watching in my Fall group.