Working'!! – Episode 4

Kyoko and Yachio head out to the store after Kyoko eats all the restaurant’s whipped cream. On the way, the pair run into a weird woman who pops up from the sewer, and their conversation causes Yachio to realize that it’s Ooto’s lost wife. However, she disappears before Yachio can do anything, causing her despair over her lost chance. Meanwhile, Mahiru finds out about the Jun-Yachio-Kyoko love triangle. Miharu follows around pitying Jun, which makes Souta thinks is a sign that she likes Jun.

When story arcs collide!

When story arcs collide!

So we actually had incremental progress on several story arcs. We finally met Ooto’s wife, even if briefly. No wonder he can’t find his wife, with her lurking down in the sewers in the city. We have a sign that perhaps Yachio has a hint of a feeling for Jun at the end of the episode, after he helps her out. Then we get some possible movement with Souta, as he becomes bothered when he learns that Mahiru likes someone (of course, not knowing that it’s him).

There are all small enough steps that one may not expect anything to imminently to happen, but they the start of the founding for those story arcs to get resolved eventually.

“Manhole Spiral” was a good name for this episode as things and misunderstandings kept spiraling out of control, even though most of them were resolved by the end of the episode. In any case, I thought this was a good episode that was both funny and actually showed promise in regards to moving the plot forward.