Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 3

A pair of Ades fleets destroy a fleet from Notos, another Exile nation. We then learn that when the Turans returned 118 years ago, they took the land from a native tribe, which then fled to the Ades Federation. Meanwhile, Millia is angry at Fam for leaving her sister behind, and becomes more distressed when she sees the possessions from her ship being looted and sold off by the Sky Pirates. Fam then helps Millia a glass her sister owned that was sold off to someone, which helps repair the rift between the two.

But what if I don't want to return to the sky?

But what if I don't want to return to the sky?

So Teddy, the Princess’ butler comes to live with Giselle, who tells him that the Sky Pirates are a collection of people who have lost their homes due to the Ades Federation, so it appears like Ades has been going around wiping people out for quite a while.

Really, there were too many things going on in this episode to write about all of it without spending too much time on it. Overall, this was a good episode explaining a lot of the background information about the Ades Federation as well as the people who returned on Exiles. It was also a good episode in developing Fam and Millia’s relationship. We also learned about a “Grand Race” which was supposed to celebrate a world peace treaty 10 years prior, but which didn’t last. Also apparently some incident at the Grand Race took the life of the current Ades child-empress’s mother’s life.

So far I think this series is doing a decent job of capturing the feel of the original series. This one seems a bit more battle heavy, and there are still obviously some big unanswered questions like…what is Dio doing there? But so far I think it’s fulfilling my expectations.


Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 3

Satou calls Tanaka to warn of the incoming Denizen, but the Flame Hazes have already detected it, and felt that it’s not just a Denizen but probably a Crimson Lord. Margery heads out to scout out what they’re up against and discovers that the Denizen is actually Yuji. Learning this, Shana decides to go and meet Yuji. Yuji, meanwhile, walks around town reminiscing about all his memories with Shana. He then meets Shana on top of Misaki Bridge…

Yuji is...Yuji is...Yuji is...GAY! NOOOO!

Yuji is...Yuji is...Yuji is...GAY! NOOOO!

This was kind of an anti-climatic episode in a way. The Flame Hazes sensed Yuji’s arrival (though they didn’t know it was him), and Margery is the one who confirmed that Yuji was the Denizen that they sensed. Also, Tanaka decided to work for Margery again, going up to the Crystal Alter with Yoshida. Otherwise the episode was what I described above: Yuji remembering things.

This the first time we’ve ween Yuji in his body with his voice and, at least seemingly, with his thoughts. This would seem to suggest that he can allow either his or Silver’s consciousness to be in control of his body at any given time, and that he isn’t opposing Silver. Of course, again, to what end he is doing it, we can’t really say. I guess we’ll find out his real intentions of coming back to Misaki City in the next episode…