Shakugan no Shana III – Episode 2

Sydonay destroys Shanghai’s Outlaw organization and the Flame Haze leading it, but cautions not to celebrate yet, as the other Flame Hazes will unite under the leadership of Sophie Sawallisch. Yuji then arrives to give his orders to his followers. Meanwhile, Satou heads out toward his Outlaw base, but detects a Crimson Denizen headed back toward Misaki City on his way…Yuji.

I'm all cool and wearing armor and hanging out with Hecate and stuff

I'm all cool and wearing armor and hanging out with Hecate and stuff

We see a couple of instances of Denizens, including Bel Peol having some slight doubts about Yuji-Silver, so to this point their worries seem to be alleviated. Exactly what the relationship between Yuji and Silver is hasn’t really been revealed. So far it seems like Silver is just using Yuji’s body, which is entirely possible, but Yuji’s behavior in the first episode suggests that it’s not as clear cut as that. In any case, there is no indication that there is any resistance from Yuji against Silver so far.

Shana gets a somewhat cryptic message back from Sophie, though she seems to revolve what it means by the end of the episode. Anyway, I’m interested to see what Yuji’s visit back to Misaki City will be like. Will he reveal that he’s Silver or pretend to be normal Yuji. In any case he’s going to have to explain what he’s been up to.