Working'!! – Episode 2

Aoi is frustrated at Souta for not telling her that she’s cute, even though she’s not much bigger than Poplar. As a result, she decides to focus her attention on Hiroomi instead, deciding to stalk him (with Poplar’s help) to find out what he’s so secretive about. Hiroomi, however, uses this as a chance to freak Aoi and Poplar out every chance he gets. Meanwhile, Poplar tries to talk up Mahiru to Souta. Jun harasses Poplar again to take out his frustrations about Yachiyo and Poplar wants to take revenge.

We aren't stalking you. For realz we aren't!

We aren't stalking you. For realz we aren't!

This was a rather disjointed episode that had a ton of stuff going on. I realize that’s not uncommon for 4-koma based series but it seemed to be that way more so than usual this time. The main threads were Poplar trying to help Souta and Mahiru together and Aoi seeking attention from various people.

I’m not sure if all the Aoi stuff is really going anywhere other than her being cute or annoying, depending on her point of view. The Mahiru/Souta thing is where it’s at, but, of course, Souta is still focused on Poplar because she’s so cute, and because Mahiru still can’t get over her punching guys.  Overall this was an OK episode I guess, but it didn’t seem to progress the plot very much.