Tamayura: Hitotose – Episode 2

Fu has now lived in Takehara for a month and is hanging out with her childhood friends Kaoru, Norie, and Maon. We also meet a couple other characters, including their odd teacher, a nice man in a nearby photo shop, and Fu’s grandmother, who owns a cafe in town. Kaoru then says she’s going to be alone the next night because everyone is busy, so Fu suggests a sleepover to keep her company. We finally meet Kaoru’s older sister Sayomi, who snuck out of what she was doing to spend the night with them as well.

Back together again

Back together again

Another good episode, I thought. Again, pretty slow paced, so if you don’t like episodes that kinda laze along, you may not like this series, but I think it’s a good pace for this show. We finally get to see what Fu’s childhood friends are like. Kaoru is kind of the leader and most mature. Norie is extremely excitable and hyper. Meanwhile Maon is silent, but will speak up when she wants to. She also often responds by whistling.

So this episode was mostly about the four friends catching up and introducing some of the other side characters in the show. We got a hint of this in the first episode, but we hear more about “tamayura,” which are flicks of light that show up on a picture, and how Fu enjoys taking pictures with them on it. Once again, I’m looking forward to seeing more from this show.