Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing – Episode 1

This Last Exile sequel, or spin off, or whatever it is, is, after Shana, the 2nd series I’m most looking forward to watching. The original Last Exile was probably one of the first five anime series I ever watched, and probably one of the first five I ever bought (back in the days when anime series came on 7 discs!). Needless to say it’s one of my favorite series, so I have very high expectations for this show as well.

Fam, and her co-pilot Giselle lead an Sky Pirate attack on a ship, capturing it. Back at the base, they run into Dio (!!), who is as lazy as usual. Meanwhile, two rival nations, Turan and Ades have agreed to sign a peace treaty. However, the treaty is a ruse by Ades in order to attack the Turan fleet, which has stood down in preparation for the treaty. Fam and the pirates then decide to save the princesses of Turan…in exchange for their flagship.

Hey look! It's Dio! What..what?

Hey look! It's Dio! What..what?

I was under the impression that the amount of time that had passed between the two series was more, but I guess not with Dio not only alive (apparently surviving the events from the end of the first series) but pretty much the same age. Meanwhile, it looks like this series is taking place on earth, though with a similar feeling with the two nations going to war against each other. The Sky Pirates are essentially acting the part of the Sylvania. So far there isn’t an overwhelming controlling organization like the Guild yet, at least that’s been revealed.

I’m interested in knowing the relationship between Earth and Prester. Presumably the people who lived on Prester and Earth were separated for quite a long time, which makes it interesting that they should have similar technology, unless everyone who is on Earth now came from Prester (though it seems like these nations have existed for quite a while). I guess that was just something nagging at me.  Also, since we’ve seen Dio, does that mean we’ll see (or at least hear about) any of the other original characters at some point?


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  1. Yeah, Dio’s return confused the heck out of me. Apparently, one of the official publications for this franchise came out and stated that Dio survived.

    Ah…one of the posters on my blog provided this.

    “Speaking of Dio, he was confirmed to have survived falling from his vanship in the official artbook ‘Aerial Log.’ “

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