Working'!! – Episode 1

This is Working’!! (gotta love how the Japanese decide to differentiate their different anime seasons sometime), the 2nd season of this show. I found the first season to be overall OK, though it sometimes dragged. There seemed to be a lot of Souta and Mahiru action, some of it repetition, and not nearly enough Poplar action. Hopefully some of that change in this season.

Souta’s “small thing” fetish wrecks complete havoc as he first upsets Poplar by calling her cute and tiny, then makes things worse when he compares her to bug (and tells Mahiru that she’s “less than a bug”), which ends up making her sulk for the rest of the episode. Hiroomi and Jun then try to trick Poplar by telling her that she can get taller by eating dry lizards, something which Jun finally tells her is a lie before actually goes and tries it.

Mahiru gets the worst of Souta and his tiny fetish

Mahiru gets the worst of Souta and his tiny fetish

This episodes starts by essentially letting us know again that, out of everyone’s fetishes and oddities, it may very well be Souta who is the most extreme in his. He clearly looses himself when it comes to small things, such as saying that Poplar is the same thing as a bug, which he means to mean that the bug is just as important as her, but obviously sounds like the opposite.

Meanwhile, Mahiru seems to be doing at least marginally better in not punching. She resisted punching Hiroomi at one point, and it’s hard to blame her for clobbering Souta for what he said to her.