Mayo Chiki! – Episode 13 [END]

Nakuru drops by to visit Kinjiro’s house needing advice. However, what she needs advice on apparently entails asking Kinjiro out on a date, which surprisingly he consents to (even if half-hearted). During the date, she explains a situation where she tells him that a boy confessed to her, and she was wondering why, and wondered if her larger bust might be the reason. She admits she has a complex over her large breasts and won’t be able to concentrate on her BL novels until she knows that boys won’t keep asking her out over them. So she smashes her boobs against Kinjiro to “prove” that he won’t go bonkers over them. However, this also makes Nakuru find Kinjiro “cooler”…

This wasn't really important to the story, but I was still LOLing

This wasn't really important to the story, but I was still LOLing

I’m trying to figure out why the writers made this, of all things, the final episode to the story, unless they pretty much already have a second season planned and wanted to use this as a sort of bridge to it. Either that or they had some money left but ran out of material after episode 12 and were like “what the hell, let’s make another episode.” It’s not this episode was bad in of itself, I just found it curious that they made this the last one.

Overall, this was a so-so series. There were some good parts to it, but there were an awful lot of parts that just kind of grated. It got tiring watching Kanade torturing Kinjiro in an attempt to “cure” him at times. The best part of the series always involved the interaction between Kinjiro and Subaru and between Kinjiro and Usami. Most everything else was just kind of boring and/or annoying I thought.

If there is a second season, I’d have to think about whether to watch it. It may depend on what else is airing at the time. This wasn’t so bad that I’d say I don’t want to watch any more ever, but it’s not good enough that I would definitely watch a second season either.