Mayo Chiki! – Episode 12

Kinjiro, knocked out by Subaru’s kiss at the end of the last episode, is found by Usami, who agrees to take him to the graveyard where Subaru’s mother is buried, and sure enough Kinjiro finds her there. Subaru doesn’t want to go back home yet so the pair stay the night at the inn. The next day of school Kanade tells Kinjiro that Subaru has transferred to another school. However, Subaru’s alter-ego, Punyuru, has decided to join the school. Kinjiro then enlists the help of the two rival Subaru fan clubs at the school to start rallying support to reinstate Subaru as a butler, which apparently works.

Only Kinjiro would have a problem with this

Only Kinjiro would have a problem with this

Well, this was a pretty decent episode. As I kind of expected, we wrapped up the “Subaru becoming a butler again” thing in one episode and not two, and Subaru wasn’t even outed, though I have to agree with Usami wondering how people aren’t getting that Subaru and Punyuru are the same person. One can only stretch that so far, I think, unless they’re just feigning it somehow.

I guess this leaves open how this series will end. I think this episode would have been a good conclusion, but apparently the writers have something else in mind. Oh, and Kinjiro is your typical male lead who just doesn’t get it.