Usagi Drop – Episode 11 [END]

Rin is over her cold, but now Yukari has a cold, and Rin is feeling guilty over possibly giving her cold to Yukari. Rin, Kouki, and the kids of Daikichi’s father friends practice jump rope where they talk about containers that hold their kid’s baby teeth and Daikichi thinks Rin would love that. Daikichi soon decides to join Rin in jump rope after seeing that he’s gained weight. The pair then visit Daikichi’s parents, where one of Rin’s teeth finally comes out.

One final set of DAWWWWWs to wrap up this series

One final set of DAWWWWWs to wrap up this series

Rin and Kouki practicing jump rope was another DAWWW moment, partly because I think I remember doing some of the stuff they did while trying to jump rope too. I also liked how Rin teased Daikichi by acting all depressed over screwing up the jump rope contest but then being like “I kicked ass at the backwards jump rope!*” (* not actual words Rin used). I also LOLed at Rin stepping on the scale when Daikichi was weighing himself later.

As I said last time, I really hope they continue this series later. It’s cute and full of DAWWW and it’s fun to watch Rin growing up and seeing Daikichi having to deal with it, but still loving it himself too. I guess if one wants a series is a strong and defined story line, this isn’t a show for them, but this series still manages to be great. If you like this type of series, I’d definitely recommend trying to see it the first chance you get. I’m just sad it’s over.