Mayo Chiki! – Episode 11

It’s the start of a new semester, and Kanade wastes no time starting her antics, putting a little wine into Subaru’s lunch, which apparently is enough to make her strip and do just about anything, and faking hiccups in a ploy to get Kinjiro and herself alone. However, later, while not paying attention Kanade falls down some stairs and injures her ankle. While Kanade doesn’t blame Subaru, Subaru’s father arrives to tell her that she’s being fired as a butler for allowing Kanade to get hurt. This angers Kanade, who vows to persuade her father to change his mind. However, Subaru seems content to quit, guilty over what happened. Kinjiro chases after her, however…

Kanade's hiccup cuteness is even too much for Subaru

Kanade's hiccup cuteness is even too much for Subaru

The first part of this episode ended up being some of the usual stupid which makes this show grating to watch sometimes, such as Subaru randomly stripping due to just a tad bit of alcohol, as well as Kanade once again trying to jump Kinjiro.

However, the second half started getting better as we started ramping up some drama and starting what appears to be the final story arc for this series. Subaru clearly doesn’t feel like she’s worthy to be a butler anymore, which is just made worse by the fact that she’s been fired, and now it looks like it’s up to Kinjiro and Kanade to try to save Subaru’s job. We still have two episodes left, so I guess we’ll see if it takes the whole two episodes to get through this arc. I’d say there is also a reasonable chance that Subaru gets outed as a girl to most everyone at some point too, probably the end of the next episode if it happens.