No. 6 – Episode 10

Nezumi and Shion are taken to the correctional facility where they, along with a dozen truckfull of other people, are dumped into a giant pit, where most of the people die from the fall. However, expecting what was coming, Nezumi is able to make sure he and Shion survive. Along the way, Shion seems to suddenly know where to go and what security measures are in place. However, this change has also caused him to go berserk, willing to shoot, and even kill, security guards at will. They finally get to the top of the facility, where they find Safu…

Shion's gone berserk!

Shion's gone berserk!

This show seems to have gotten a lot better and more interesting as we’ve gotten through the later episodes, which is nice, though I’m wondering how we’ll end up tying everything up in the final episode. They’ve found Safu, which is a start, but will it be the Safu Shion knows? For that matter, will Shion by the Shion Safu knows? We still have the matter of the bees and bringing down No. 6 as well.

I’m guessing Safu’s wish for Shion to come to her led Elyurias. who promised to make Safu’s wishes come true, to either feed information to Shion, if not take over his consciousness altogether. That’s my best guess for how he knew where to go, and the change in his behavior. Who or what Elyurias is, and what happens to she/it is also hanging out there as well.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to the final episode in this series, and I’m interested how it’ll turn out.