Usagi Drop – Episode 10

This is the third and final series I had been watching in the summer season. There isn’t necessarily a complex story line here. Mainly it’s just Daikichi taking care of one of his late-grandfather’s illegitimate children, Rin, as no one else in the family wanted to, and the trials of rewards of that undertaking. Also, there is a major DAWWWWW factor in this show.

One day, Daikichi is visiting Rin’s school during some sort of art day and meets a couple of the other “fathers” there, both of which he finds he has some sort of indirect connection with. He then runs into Yukari, who gets nervous because it’s becoming colder and she’s afraid of Kouki getting sick. On the way home, Yukari notices that Rin has a fever. Daikichi takes her to the doctor, who says it’s not the flu. Rin, however, refuses to take her medicine and her fever gets higher, and Yukari helps Daikichi to get Rin over her fever.

Rin's got the fever

Rin's got the fever

This was another great episode, just expanding on Daikichi’s role as acting-father. First he meets some other “father friends,” as he put it, and joked with Yukari that he feels weird telling kids (mainly Kouki) not to do all the things that he did when he was little himself. Then Rin gets a cold, and Daikichi starts freaking out, but once again it’s Yukari that comes to save the day.

I really, really wish Yukari and Daikichi  ended up getting together. They’re so perfect for each other, but I still don’t think that will happen. Yukari seems to have “friend zoned” Daikichi, so that’s probably that there.

In any case, the next episode is the last one, and I don’t want this series to end. Maybe they’ll make a second season. This is certainly a series that seems like it could keep going if it’s popular enough.