Mayo Chiki! – Episode 9

In this episode of Working! Mayo Chiki, Usami brings Kinjiro in to help with her part time job at a Maid cafe (to wash dishes) in exchange for allowing him to copy her summer break homework. Naturally Kanade decides to swing by. To boot, Kureha and Nakuru show up as part timers as well. Kanade then ends up tormenting Kinjiro by telling everyone that he has a maid fetish, then torments Usami by making her “test” her hypothesis.

Kanade brings out her biggest weapon: the garter belt!

Kanade brings out her biggest weapon: the garter belt!

I suppose this was an OK episode. This was almost entirely an Usami episode, really ramping up her angst over her feelings for Kinjiro, allowing her to be an easy target of Kanade, who is well aware of how she feels.

Otherwise, this was mainly a fanservice show for those who love maids, which isn’t really my cup of tea, but whatever. Usami is your typical tsundre, so she’s cute in some ways, but really grinding in others as well. Really the only part Subaru had was backtracking her confession from the previous episode and downgrading it to wanting to be “best friends” because she’s too nervous.