No. 6 – Episode 9

Inukashi, Rikiga, Nezumi, and Shion capture a top health department official in order to get the layout of the correctional facility, but find that it’s pretty much impenetrable. The day before a major celebration in No. 6, know as the Holy Day, No. 6 forces attack the West City, arresting all the residents and taking them to the correctional facility. Meanwhile, Elyurias finally makes contact with Safu…

No. 6 wiping out more inconvenient poor people

No. 6 wiping out more inconvenient poor people

So the shit really starts to hit the fan in this episode. No. 6 comes in and pretty much kills or clears out most of the people in the West City outside of No. 6 and takes them all to the correctional facility. Luckily, this ends up being part of Nezumi’s plan to get inside.

Meanwhile, we learn that Safu’s grandmother was killed by No. 6 merely for being old, and No. 6 has been doing experiments on those who they take to the correctional facilities.  One of those people have been Safu, who finally “awakens” like what the scientists studying her were hoping, though something has obviously gone wrong there. Meanwhile, Yoming wants his supporters within No. 6 to rise up against the city, so we have a lot of things kind of converging together all at once here at the end.