Mayo Chiki! – Episode 7

I’m hopefully back to some level of blogging, and I’ll start by finishing off the series I had started waaaaay back in the summer season. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Mayo Chiki!, but I basically remember that butler guy, Subaru, is actually a chick trying to hide his identity, while the main protagonist, Kinjiro, is some poor schmuck who gets tormented by all the girls, which is made worse by his girl-phobia.

Kanade drugs a drink that Subaru hands to Kinjiro and kidnaps him to a hot spring Kanade’s family uses. Kanade claims she’s running away from home because she doesn’t want to take a vacation overseas. Naturally, she also uses the trip as a chance to try to “cure” Kinjiro as well. Kanade also coerces Kureha, Usami, and Narumi to show up, forcing Kinjiro to try to hide Subaru’s identity from them, but needs Kanade to bail him out this time.

Yes, it's that time: time for the beach episode

Yes, it's that time: time for the beach episode

I can’t remember if I had this opinion before I went on my hiatus, but this show is kind of just plodding along. It seems to be about the same thing just about every week. Kanade has a plan, Kinjiro gets tricked or coerced into getting involved, Subaru has some brush with almost being caught, and then gets jealous, angry, and shy/nervous at various points, and Kanade finds some way to cause Kinjiro to get a nose bleed.

I realize that’s kind of the point of this series, I suppose, but watching episodes is starting to become a little bit of a drag to me at this point. If there was any high point in the episode, it’s perhaps that Usami has pretty much said that she doesn’t trust Kanade, so maybe that will go somewhere eventually.