Usagi Drop – Episode 9

The weather announces a typhoon is coming, which worries Rin, but Daikichi just remarks that they come every year. At school, Kouki is acting up, and the teachers can’t seem to get him to stop. However, after Rin tells him to stop or else he’ll get in trouble, he behaves (amazing both the teachers and the classmates). Rin’s girl friends are afraid that Kouki will start bullying her, but she reassures them he wont. That evening, it starts raining harder, so Daikichi decides to bring Kouki home from daycare along with Rin, where Yukari meets up with them later and they end up having dinner together.

I'd like it if this happened more often...

I'd like it if this happened more often...

Rin appears to be getting into the “boys!” stage a big, especially when Kouki acts up, though it appears like she already successfully has a leash on him given how he behaved after she yelled at him. But she’s still sighing whenever Kouki goes off and does something boyish.

Of course, the typhoon set up the situation where Yukari ended up coming over and having dinner. It seemed like Yukari didn’t really know how to react at the end. I don’t know if that’s because she has a thing for Daikichi and is just trying not to show it, or if she just doesn’t know what she’s feeling (or if she’s somehow jealous that Kouki gets along so well with Daikichi).

In any case, the lull in the DAWWW seems to have only lasted one episode, as this was another good one.  It’s too bad there are only 2 episodes left after this one. I think this show is begging for a 2nd season, at least.