Usagi Drop – Episode 8

It’s approaching Obon, so Daikichi decide that he and Rin should visit Soichi’s grave. Once there, Daikichi notices Masako’s already been there so he runs after her and asks if she wants to look on Rin secretly, which she does. The pair then go to Soichi’s old house, only to find the yard graveled over. At home, Daikichi presents Rin a chocolate cake to celebrate her 7th birthday.  Meanwhile, Masako is taking on even more work so she can try to put everything else out of her mind.

Watching Secretly

Watching Secretly

This was an OK episode I guess. It’s nice to see something like Rin’s birthday and Obon, but there wasn’t particularly anything “new” per se in this episode, except Masako working herself to exhaustion, partly because she’s afraid that her time in the limelight will pass her by as well as to help her forget some of the choices that she probably regrets to get her where she is.

Otherwise, I’m not really sure there was much to say about this episode.