No. 6 – Episode 7

Nezumi asks InuKashi for information about the new wing of the correctional facility, which she does after initially refusing. Meanwhile, a man named Yoming saves Karan from a probable city agent looking for dissenters. In the correctional facility, they are experimenting on Safu, where they find her to be the “perfect sample.” In a clothing store, Shion finds one of Safu’s coats and confronts InuKashi over it, who then confronts Nezumi over the situation. Nezumi and Shion fight the next morning over each hiding things from the other, and then they agree not to hide anything from each other anymore.

Safu: Sorry, you lose

Safu: Sorry, you lose

Well, it finally seems like Nezumi and Shion have come to some understanding to where they won’t hide things from each other anymore, which hopefully means we’ll soon learn why Nezumi is so intent on destroying No. 6 (though he seems to be less intent to, in deference to Shion).

Also, despite their claims of being independent and not trusting, both Nezumi and InuKashi seem much more worried about each other than either of them are willing to admit, and of course the whole situation with Shion is what has ultimately pushed some of this to the surface. Meanwhile, Shion and Nezumi finally share a kiss. Sorry Safu! Shion looks like he may have decided to share his sperm with someone else, heh.