Usagi Drop – Episode 7

Daikichi’s cousin Haruko suddenly shows up, having run away from home, where she lives with her husband and his parents. Apparently she can’t stand any of them anymore so she ran away to Daikichi’s until she figures out what to do next. This is generally a blast for Rin and Reina, though Reina does confess to Rin that her parents are fighting all the time, but she pretends to be asleep.  Daikichi also has a run in with Yukari at the grocery store, which causes Haruko to tease Daikichi over his obvious crush for her. In the end, Haruko decides the best option is to go back home, even though she doesn’t particularly like it.

The adults know that the children are right

The adults know that the children are right

This was like, the greatest episode of anime ever to air in the history of the universe lol. Reina and Rin’s discussion about adult affairs (and right in front of Daikichi and Haruko) was hilarious, with Kouki just piling on top in the way only he can. And then Haruko teasing Daikichi about Yukari just made it even better. I was having a hard time not grinning in amusement through most of this episode.

This episode did display a nice contrast between the troubles of the life of the adults – living with a husband you don’t particularly like as well as trying to raise children on one’s own – with the innocence of the children, who know what’s going on, even if they don’t know why.

Of course, this whole ordeal brought up the issue of Yukari’s divorce again, which we didn’t learn anything new about, but Daikichi just reaffirmed that he’s pretty sensitive to the subject. However, I still have to think that we’re eventually going to find out what happened, either because Yukari needs someone to talk to about it or because Kouki ends up spilling the beans on what happened, though he hasn’t even really done that with Rin yet.  I still think Yukari and Daikichi should get together, but I somehow don’t think Yukari sees Daikichi in that way.

In any case, this show just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling.