Mayo Chiki! – Episode 6

So the school festival comes, and almost immediately, Subaru starts disrupting Kinjiro and Usami’s “date” until finally it pretty much breaks down. Kinjiro and Subaru then go to fight S4’s rival group in their war, which ends up being a quiz contest run by Kanade. The question to win who Subaru’s first kiss was with, which she has to confess is Kinjiro (which surprises him since he was unconscious at the time). Later, Kinjiro finds out that Usami quit S4 and she ends up confessing that she was just lonely and wanted to see what Subaru saw in Kinjiro. In the end, Kinjiro accepts Usami in their group of friends.

Somehow I knew it would come to this

Somehow I knew it would come to this

Not that I didn’t think it was already obvious, but I was pretty much right about Usami just being lonely and having her fake date with Kinjiro not really being about the S4. She ended up not being all that bad of a character, I think, though there is still a bit we don’t really know about her. We’ve gotten several clues that her homelife isn’t great, but we haven’t gotten any real specifics on that yet. However, Kinjiro is now in double-trouble with his girl phobia now. Not only does Kanade want to try to “cure” him of it, but Usami does too, though I seem to doubt that Usami’s methods will be quite as sadistic as Kanade’s.

Subaru, meanwhile, can be pretty jealous as was obvious in this episode, but I wonder how both she and Kinjiro will feel now that Kanade forced her to admit that her first kiss was with Kinjiro, albeit when he was unconscious. One might think that might create a bit of awkardness between the two in the future (though it didn’t seem to at the end of this episode).

Overall, the whole S4 “fight” was a bit silly, but at least it wasn’t too over the top. The quiz show kind of toned downed what was building up to be a pretty silly situation. I guess the quiz was also Kanade’s sadistic event for this episode, though it was actually pretty tame compared to some of the others (though it was still mean to make Subaru confess her first kiss). Hopefully we’ll see a bit less of her and a bit more of Usami in the future, though.