No. 6 – Episode 6

Safu returns to No. 6 after her grandmother’s death, but things immediately don’t seem right to her. She tries to contact Shion but is told he’s been de-registered due the murder charge against him, which she doesn’t believe in a second. She goes to visit Shion’s mother to find out where Shion is.  Safu then decides to go to Shion but is arrested en route.

Safu knows something isn't right...with Shion's sperm

Safu knows something isn't right...with Shion's sperm

So right off the bat in this episode we get some additional evidence that No. 6 isn’t quite like the other cities. First, Safu’s prohibited, for some reason, from bringing a book about Picasso into the city. Why exactly is that? One wouldn’t think there wasn’t much objectionable about it at all, unless the city thinks the subject matter might create an image of humanity that isn’t ideal, which we have seen evidence of before. Also, it’s suggested that no one in the other cities wear the identification bracelets.

Safu is clearly uneasy about being in No. 6 from the start, but she becomes increasingly alarmed when she gets her grandmother’s personal items back, when the other knitting stick isn’t included and the scarf is free of her grandmother’s scent, and then again when her bracelet tells her that Shion is suspected of murder.

I think the question here now is: why did the police arrest Safu? Was her grandmother’s death all a ploy to get her back to No. 6? Or was she arrested for trying to contact Shion? Or did they eavesdrop on her conversation with Shion’s mother and arrest her for daring to question the city (clearly No. 6 is willing to go to great length to silence people who may dare criticize them, even in private). It seems increasingly likely that her mother didn’t die the peaceful death that was described, which is kind of what I suspected last episode.

We actually don’t see much of Shion and Nezumi this time, but Nezumi is still warning Shion to give up on No. 6 while Shion, even while realizing that there is something wrong with No. 6, doesn’t think everyone living there should have to pay the price for it. Nezumi derides his idea of “tearing down the walls” as a fantasy, but he clearly seems to have made him think.  Nezumi still refuses to tell Shion why he hates No. 6, and he clearly wants Shion to serve some purpose eventually. I suspect he’ll either eventually tell Shion about Safu, or he’ll find out some other way.