Nabari no Ou – Episodes 1 – 3

Next on my list of “previously aired anime that I’m just now watching” list (I need to come up with a more succinct name for that) is Nabari no Ou. This has kind of always been on my to-watch list but I had never gotten around to actually watching it (obviously). I have pretty high expectations for this series, so I hope they’ll be met.

Interestingly Uninterested

Interestingly Uninterested

So from what I can tell so far, Miharu has this thing inside him called the Shinrabanshou which, unleashed, would basically allow him to do anything. It’s also apparently corrupting enough to take over his personality, though it hasn’t yet.  Along for the ride we have Kouichi, who can manipulate the wind, Raimei, who is a samurai and doesn’t seem to use shinobi powers, and Tobari, who is the oldest, most powerful, and most knowledgeable of all of them, and also appears to have been present when Miharu used his powers when he was little.

From what I can gather, Miharu’s indifference appears to be a sort of self-defense mechanism against the Shinrabanshou that he isn’t really consciously aware of. It seems like the Shinrabanshou feeds off of it’s host’s desires, of which Miharu has few to none due to his indifference to near everything (though that appears to be changing somewhat now). Various factions want the Shinrabanshou for themselves to become the most powerful Shinobi

As for writing style and acting, this has been a pretty good show so far. It can be a bit quirky, but in a good way, and Miharu’s sarcasm and mischievousness I can definitely give a thumbs-up to.  The being attacked my enemies thing is OK for now, though hopefully they’ll do more than sit around and be attacked for the whole series.