Mayo Chiki! – Episode 5

Kinjiro gets run over by a girl, Usami, on his way to school, and ends up getting attacked because he was too stupid to tell her that the thing he wanted between her legs were his lost glasses (and then again after she recognizes him as Subaru’s friend). Subaru asks Kinjiro out to the school festival, but Usami has other ideas.

Another rabbit jumps into the fray

Another rabbit jumps into the fray

So we have a new character introduced, with Usami. However, despite her claims of wanting to date Kinjiro due to wanting to dishearten S4’s enemies, it seems to me that she’s just lonely. She says she doesn’t have any friends, and doesn’t seem to have a great home life, and so she’s using the current situation as a reason to seek companionship.

Of course, that could cause problems for Kinjiro if she’s still wanting to date him after the school festival is over. If Kinjiro were smart, he’d tell Subaru the situation, but I’m not sure if he’s that smart, or if he’ll get the chance since I’m guessing most of his free time will be taken up either by school festival prep or with hanging out with Usami.  In any case, despite the initial impression, Usami doesn’t appear to be all that bad of a character right now to me.

It’s nice to have an episode with minimal Kanade interference, though there were a few cliches thrown in, such as Kinjiro falling into the dressing room while Usami was changing or his classes ending up in Usami’s lap, and instead of just saying so, he beats around the bush by saying he wants something from “down there” and thus sounding all perverted.

But all in all I think this episode was an improvement over the last two. It advanced the story in a different direction which has the potential to be interesting and entertaining.  I do find it funny that, in many shows like this, the main male lead is the one who gathers the harem, but in this case, it’s Subaru, the reverse-trap, who is unwittingly gathering the harem.  I just kind of find that funny.