Mayo Chiki! – Episode 4

Subaru arrives on Kinjiro’s doorstop at the start of golden week wearing cats ears and tail after being kicked out of the mansion. Soon Kanade shows up and challenges Subaru to a Butler vs. Maid battle, but this is stopped short when Kinjiro gets a cold. We soon learn why Kanade is there: Subaru and her father have been kicked out for fighting with each other until they make up.

Nyan Nyan Butler

Nyan Nyan Butler

This is the 2nd sorta mediocre episode in a row, and I’m afraid that this show may be falling into a rut.  We get some additional interesting background information, such as Kureha having a thing where she’s afraid Kinjiro might die when he gets sick (which I guess stems from how their father died) which is somewhat reflected in Subaru due to a similar thing happening to her mother.

However, the Subaru and her father are fighting thing and then getting kicked out just seems kind of contrived to me, and then Kanade just suddenly popping up was the point in the episode where I just kind of felt like this episode drove into a ditch (It wasn’t going so bad up to that point).  The last thing I want is for this series to be 8 more episodes of “Subaru gets into awkward situation with Kinjiro, Kanade suddenly randomly shows up to make it worse. Repeat.”

I like the characters. I think Subaru and Kinjiro are both being developed pretty well. I just think the writing and episode ideas over the past couple of episodes have been lacking.