Mayo Chiki! – Episode 3

So a series of events leads to Kanade telling Kinjiro’s sister, Kureha, that she is dating Kinjiro and invites her out on a “double date” to a waterpark along with Subaru with them.  At one point, Kinjiro and Subaru see a child drowning and go rescue it, only to find that while they were doing this, Kanade and Kureha are being held hostage at knifepoint. We learn Subaru is terribly frightened of blades, so Kinjiro knocks Subaru out to go rescue them himself, which fails abysmally until Subaru wakes and and saves the day. They then find out the whole thing was set up by Kanade and Subaru’s father in order to help Subaru get over her knife-phobia.

Little pig, little pig let me in

Little pig, little pig let me in

This was a so-so episode I guess. It was interesting to get a little more back story on Subaru, including her knife-phobia and all, and we get to meet her father, who doesn’t like Kinjiro much for groping Subaru in the first episode.  Otherwise, this was largely a beach/waterpark episode which gave them an excuse to have the voluptuous Kanade and loli Kureha in bikinis (but alas, not Subaru) for most of the episode.

Otherwise, I guess we get a bit more bonding between Subaru and Kinjiro, more jealous rage from Kureha, and more devious scheming from Kanada but that’s about it.  Not a bad episode, but not a fabulous one either.