No. 6 – Episode 5

Another person in No. 6 falls victim to the bees. Shion goes to tell Nezumi, who is performing in Hamlet at the time (as Ophelia). However, a sudden gust of wind blows, and he falls unconscious. Simultaneously, in No. 5, a similar thing happens to Safu.

Dance, baby, dance

Dance, baby, dance

So this was basically a “let’s dump some more mystery into the series” episode. We had the bees before, which we at least somewhat knew what was going on (if not why), but now we have this wind thing that knocked both Nezumi AND Safu unconscious.  The only link between the two of them would seem to be Shion, but I’m not sure either how he could cause such a thing or how whatever did cause it would know he had both connections.

Meanwhile, Safu appeared to at least be aware that Nezumi was there (and what his name was – perhaps from Shion calling out to him, though how she could hear that, I have no idea), but Nezumi didn’t seem to know she was there. Speaking of Safu, it seems to be strongly indicated that her grandmother has died back in No. 6, which given her seemingly good health before, seems somewhat suspicious.

Then we have the bees in the stained glass window in No. 5.  Does that mean that the bees were some infestation from No. 5’s past that No. 6 is now suffering? Or maybe it’s some sort of covert attack on No. 6 by No. 5.  Whatever it is, No. 6 sure is going to great lengths from keeping whatever is going on from becoming public knowledge.

As far as Shion’s and Nezumi’s…relationship.  It sure seems to be going down that path, doesn’t it? Shion seems to have pretty strong feelings for Nezumi, and Shion caught Nezumi completely off guard in this episode. As I think I said after the last episode, Safu may find that Shion has already given his sperm to someone else lol.