Usagi Drop – Episode 5

Daikichi arranges to meet Rin’s mother Masako. She ends up being a pretty young manga author who basically left Rin with Souichi in order to continue her career, and as a result, their meeting goes a little rough. Daikichi thinks about adopting Rin, but Rin objects, saying “Daikichi shold stay Daikichi.” Rin also graduates from nursery school.

We finally meet the mysterious Masako

We finally meet the mysterious Masako

So we finally meet Masako, who seems to be somewhat torn between keeping up her job as a manga writer and caring for Rin, though Daikichi is still clearly not happy with her for choosing her job over her own daughter, probably especially so because he was willing to get transfered at work in order to better take care of Rin.

I found it interesting that Masako and Daikichi’s mother both thought Rin wouldn’t have a problem changing her name, but Rin was the opposite: she thought having her father’s last name was important for her identity.  Rin seems pretty mature and able to take things in stride, though she obviously still has normal worries that someone her age might have too. Daikichi is still rather confused about how she views him, however.  He takes care of her like her father but their relationship seems to be somehow different from that too.

The nursery school graduation was full of more DAWWWW as I guess was to be expected. I still think Daikichi and Kouki’s mother should get together, but I somehow don’t think that’s going to happen.

Up next (or at least soon) it seems like it will be time for Rin to start elementary school, which I”m sure will be yet another adventure for her.