No. 6 – Episode 4

One of Nezumi’s rats notifies Shion’s mother that he’s OK and in the West District. She sends a message back telling them to get in contact with an old friend of hers named Rikiga, though the meeting doesn’t end up going that well.  Later, Inukashi attacks Nezumi for having insulted her “mother” and for becoming weak since he appears to be becoming attached to Shion.

Feel the awkward yaoi waves being generated

Feel the awkward yaoi waves being generated

Nothing new to report on the bees in this episode, but we get a better feeling of what it’s like living outside of No. 6. Clearly it’s a dog-eat-dog world, where people don’t allow themselves to get too close to anyone else, in fear of becoming “soft” or of being stabbed in the back later.  So while fighting against the despotism of No. 6 may be laudable, they aren’t exactly in a position to replace it with anything significantly better. But I think that’s where Shion comes in.

He’s already started to affect Nezumi, and I think it’s only a matter of time before he gets to Inukashi as well, and I think the three will only get strong from it.  I’m sure it will be bumpy road along the way, but I think they’ll ultimately see the benefit of friendship and trust.

And oh yeah, more emo Shion in this episode. And crying like he’s Lag from Letter Bee. He even has the white hair to match.