Gurren Lagann – DVD 6 (Episodes 24 – 27) [END]

Simon and company go out to find Nia and the anti-spiral homeworld.  However, they’re led into one trap after another, leading to many sacrifices by team Dai-Gurren to help them escape. Meanwhile, Nia tries to fight off the anti-spirals who are trying to probe her to find humanity’s weaknesses.

Our mechas our bigger, our women are hotter and our pecks are more manly than anyone else's in the universe!

Our mechas our bigger, our women are hotter and our pecks are more manly than anyone else's in the universe!

Overall, I think this series ended on a better note than it could have. The sequence where the Dai-Gurren sacrificed themselves, then the fight to get out of the ultra-dense space sea where both pretty good I thought.  However, I think the final battle with the anti-spirals could have been a little less cheesy, though it certainly could have been worse. Of course, leave it to GAINAX to have an ending where the hero ends up having to sacrifice everything, though luckily Simon ended up being still a good guy at the end, even if he was somewhat of a hermit, as opposed to say, someone like Suguru from Mahoromatic.

As for my overall feelings about this series, it’s been a while since I watched the first half of it, but it was still an interesting ride. If someone asked if it was worth watching, I’d say yes, but I’m not really sure it’s the epic show it’s been made out to be. I guess if one is a huge mecha fan, then sure, it might be just because by the end you have galaxy-sized mechas fighting each other. But for someone like me, the series kind of went over the top at times, and there isn’t much one can do during some of the battle scenes but just kind of watch explosions and all because there isn’t really a story to take in much of the time. Sure, there were parts of the series that had a pretty decent story and advanced the plot, and it’s those parts that make this a not so bad series. But what I think some others take as some sort of epicness, I kind of felt was over-the-topness.  But that’s just my feeling.


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  1. Well, that was the whole point of the series. To throw reason to the curb, spit on it, then go balls-out crazy with the fighting. Good stuff.

  2. Now check the the movies releases of Guren Lagan. Personally, I prefer the movie ending since they add a few tidbits and minor changes that make the ending more fulfilling.

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