Usagi Drop – Episode 4

Some of the kids at daycare are making fun of Rin because she doesn’t know who her mother is, and she calls her father “grandfather,” when another, kid, Kouki, comes to her rescue. Later, Daikichi find a clue in Rin’s health booklet that ultimate leads him to a paper written by Souichi about Rin’s mother.

Lopsided Ear Bunny

Lopsided Ear Bunny

So Rin and Kouki, who are both kind of anti-social, get along pretty well, as seemingly do Daikichi and Kouki’s mother. They seem to hit it off, though one wonders whether that will work out.  It’s kinda interesting anyway.

Most of the rest of this episode was more DAWWWW along with learning a bit more about Masako.  Apparently, she thought herself a failure as a parent, and was perhaps too immature to be a parent.  This has apparently led Daikichi to try to contact her, which he just gets an answer on the phone when this episode ends.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Masako is interested, or still feels in adequate or what.

Also, it’s almost elementary school time, huh? That should open up a new chapter in the life of Rin, and I look forward to it.


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