Usagi Drop – Episode 3

The time Daikichi has left before needing to find a permanent day care for Rin is running short, so he decides to ask another worker in his office, Gotou, for her advice about that and other child-rearing things.  Daikichi also goes to Souichi’s house to see if he can find anything out about Rin’s mother.

Dawwwww Overload

Dawwwww Overload

So Daikichi finds out from Rin that Souchi had a maid – who just happened to have the same name as Rin’s mother as listed in her health booklet.  But Rin doesn’t like her because “she hated Rin and was always angry.”  He also discovers that Rin is confused about death and is worried about her or Daikichi dying, but he reassures her that everything is OK.  He also asks for a transfer at work so he doesn’t have to work overtime. He also finds a permanent day care for Rin.

The best description for this series so far is still “DAWWWWWW!”  I love it when Rin gives Daikichi the Stare of Doom whenever he does something she doesn’t like. Even though she’s only six, she sure is full of personality, which just makes this series all the better so far.

The bit about Rin’s mother apparently being Souchi’s maid – and the fact that Rin doesn’t like her – adds in a little bit of intrigue into the series.  It probably will make it easier for Daikichi to contact her, but will Masako be interested? Did she really hate Rin and was she always angry? And if so, why? Maybe she was mad because Soichi only ever treated her like a maid, I don’t know. I guess we’ll probably find out eventually.