Ano Hana – Episodes 7 – 9

The group remembers that Menma wanted to make a firework to shoot a letter to God for Jinta’s mother, and they wonder if this is the wish she wanted, so they start planning.  However, it hits a hitch when the owner of the fireworks shop they were working with – who happens to be Menma’s father – stops their plan.

Reopening Old Wounds

Reopening Old Wounds

It only took Menma 8 episodes to finally use her ability to interact with the physical world to prove she existed, though she only did it when pretty much everyone but Poppo was about to rebel on Jinta because they thought he was just pushing his pain of losing Menma onto everyone else.  However, she seems to have some limits in interacting, though, as she appears to only be able to write with the pen that came with her diary.

As I said last time, Jinta and Naruko aren’t going to be able to make any progress while Menma’s spirit is still around, though Naruko is making it even harder by reminding Jinta that if he does indeed grant Menma’s wish, she’ll likely disappear.  We also have a possible future problem between Naruko and Tsurumi as Tsurumi didn’t seem to happy with Naruko and Yukiatsu commiserating together.

At first I thought the fireworks thing might be another false track regarding Menma’s wish, but they’ve spent so long on it I”m wondering if they’re on the right track, especially since Yukiatsu finally convinced Menma’s father to let them building one.

With only two episodes left, we obviously don’t have time left, but we still have several issues to resolve, including those between Jinta and Naruko, the possible friction between Naruko and Tsurumi, the situation between Tsurumi and Yukiatsu, and with Jinta’s increasing fear that Menma will disappear.  I kinda hope that, at the end, Menma is able to show herself to everyone one last time, and that people are able to properly get over her themselves.