Ano Hana – Episodes 4 – 6

So we find out that the “other” Menma was actually Yukiatsu, who appears to have about the deepest issues as anyone regarding Menma. Then we go off onto a non-Menma path as Naruko is lured to a love hotel by a boy she was hanging out with, only to be rescued by Yukiatsu, but not before being seen by a member of the PTA.  This leads to the entire school thinking that she’s been going out hooking up with boys.

Still searching for Menma's wish

Still searching for Menma's wish

So the story moved on several fronts in this trio of episodes.  We get a better idea of exactly how Menma died (seemingly tripping going down a will, falling down the fill, and falling into rocks on the side of a stream).  We find that Yukiatsu is yet another member in the “it’s my fault Menma is dead” club, and one has to start wondering if there is anyone not in that club at this point, though it doesn’t seem like either Poppo or Tsurumi have any  visible regrets like that regarding Menma.

We also get the first real hint of what Menma’s wish was, when Tsurumi and Yukiatsu discuss the fateful day, remembering that Menma was the one who called them all out to their shack to ask for advice on something, though we still don’t know about what.

Meanwhile, the deal with Naruko and Jinta standing up for her begins the what was probably the inevitable arc of those two getting together, though they probably both have to get over Menma for that to really happen.  But it’s obvious Naruko has something for Jinta, and Jinta does at least seem to feel a strong friendship at the very least toward Naruko.

With the diary, Jinta is probably hesitant to read it without getting Menma’s consent, and I wonder if she’ll really want them to read it.  I have a feeling it’s not going to answer the primary question of what her wish was, in any case.  Before I said I was kinda surprised that everyone got together so fast, and I guess my feelings were right as Tsurumi and Yukiatsu still seem to be the only ones who still haven’t bought into what Jinta is saying about Menma yet.