Mayo Chiki! – Episode 2

Subaru is following Kinjiro around to make sure he doesn’t slip her secret, but it starts to become counter productive when rumors start swirling that they’ve become a gay couple. To make matters more interesting, Kanade is using Subaru to help cure Kinjiro’s girl-phobia, but not without interference from Kinjiro’s violent sister. Oh, and it’s also time for physical exams, which could be problematic for Subaru. And for Kinjiro since the nurses are, well, female.

Kanade seems to be nice..but still sadistic

Kanade seems to be nice..but still sadistic

We finally get to see Subaru’s girlish side in this episode, and it is pretty cute, though I think she’s as frustrated over Kanade’s sadistic side as Kinjiro is, though being her butler she doesn’t have much of a choice but to submit.

Meanwhile, Kinjiro’s way of saving Subaru at the physical (and vice versa) just intensified the rumors of them being a gay-item, which has unleashed the minions of the Yuki Fan Club S4, a Subaru fan club.  Though, if Subaru is supposedly shy in groups, why was Kinjiro still measuring “him” in front of people and not behind some sort of curtain or in the bathroom or something?

The thing about Subaru finally being able to find a friend in Kinjiro because he knows her secret is a nice touch to the series, though. And I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that Kinjiro’s sister has fallen for Subaru for being so strong, so now Kinjiro has that to worry about too.  Kanade also seemed to show some regret that her being Subaru’s master has caused a rift to form between them, so I wonder if part of the series will be Kinjiro trying to close that rift as well.

I figure eventually Subaru’s secret will come out and Kinjiro will make an impassioned plea for her to keep her job as a butler despite the revelation, but that’ll probably be at the end of the series.

2 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki! – Episode 2

  1. A lot of the events that have passed so far were fairly predictable, but despite all that, I find that this show is one of the more enjoyable ones this season. It sure beats out Rokyubu.

    • Yeah, I guess I’m surprised just how sadistic Kanade is lol, but yeah, I figure we’ll see a lot of the standard jokes in this show. Though I guess in a sense, most shows are like that’ What makes them good or bad is how they present them.

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