No. 6 – Episode 2

Four years have passed since the last episode. Due to his aiding Nezumi, he was kicked out of Chronis, the area of No. 6 where the highly qualified individuals live in luxury, and moved to the “Lost Town” part of the city. As a result, he was disqualified from joining the gifted program, lost touch with his friend Safu, and works as a park supervisor.

Give me your sperm, damnit!

Give me your sperm, damnit!

So obviously No. 6 isn’t exactly the pleasure city one would like. We got a hint of this in the first episode, but we basically confirmed in this episode that No. 6 is little more than a surveillance state where dissent is treated as a crime (at least for those who work for the city, and perhaps others too).

And obviously this…illness or whatever with the bee is either something that No. 6 is aware of at the very least, if not directing, though it’s hard to guess to what end yet. It’s not clear whether people get infected by chance or whether it is directed.  Shion was arrested for suspicion of murdering his workmate even though the state had to have known otherwise. Is it possible that his workmate’s death and his arrest was essentially a way for the state to get them out of the way after having witnessed something they shouldn’t have when they found the original body in the park?

In any case, I felt that this episode was a lot better put together, both in it’s writing and direction than the first episode and it gave me a lot more optimism for this series overall.  I’m interested to see exactly what Nezumi has been up to these past 4 years.

Also, maybe Shion should have banged Safu when he had the chance, heh.