Usagi Drop – Episode 2

Daikichi starts his new life with Rin, and it doesn’t take him long to find out just how rough that life can be. First, he has to find a temporary nursery school for Rin to stay while he’s at work.  Meanwhile, he has a job with long hours which causes him to have to pick Rin pretty late.  Meanwhile, the distractions are starting to affect his work as well.

Daikichi WAS properly warned about raising a kid...

Daikichi WAS properly warned about raising a kid...

This episode was just full of daaawwwwwww. Though I was kind of expecting Daikichi to actually find a permanent nursery school by the end of the episode since that was the problem established at the start.  Though this episode also did a good job just showing how difficult raising a kid can be for him, especially being single.

Daikichi seems to have an interest in finding Rin’s real mother, Masako, so I wonder if that’s a direction the story will go in the future. Also, what was that at the end about the sweat? I don’t know if that’s something that is going into the next episode or what.  In any case, Rin appears to be very strong willed but also very smart, and it makes her a very interesting character, especially when she fusses at Daikichi for one thing or another.  Two episodes in and this is still a very interesting looking series so far.

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