Moshidora – Episodes 1 – 3

I wanted at least two shows I could catch up on during the spring season. Unfortunately, the number of shows that looked interesting were pretty limited, or were 26 episodes long, which I didn’t really want to commit to at the moment.  Then I saw this show.  It seemed a little unusual, so I thought I would try it. It’s supposedly targeted toward a middle age audience, which is different.  I’m still not entirely sure about it based on it’s description, but I thought I would give it a shot as one of the two spring shows I went back and watched.

You aren't on fire, you're in hell. Management hell.

You aren't on fire, you're in hell. Management hell.

This has been a somewhat interesting show about trying to reform a baseball team, though I sort of feel like I’m watching some sort of infomerical where every now and then they’re like “and you can accomplish this just by buying this book! get it now!” I think some of the ideas that are portrayed in the series are good, but I’m still skeptical about the whole concept of reforming a high school baseball team just by reading a book.

It also just kind of feels like the attitude of the show is that people will just plod along doing things unless they’re told about some new idea by someone smarter or by a book. There are a lot of changes made which didn’t have to originate based on ideas from a book, yet the book is practically turning into the Bible for the team. While it may be helping some things, I kind of worry that it will also limit their thinking by thinking that everything they want to try has to be approved by “the book.”

I guess I”m not sure what I was expecting. I knew the book would play a part in the show, but like I said, they’re kind of using it as sort of Bible where if there is a problem, instead of thinking it through, they just whip out the book to find the answer. I’m not sure how realistic, or healthy, that is in the end.