Mayo Chiki! – Episode 1

I wasn’t planning on blogging this series because I had Morita-san, but once I saw it was only 5 minutes long, I went to my backup show, which was this one. This is kind of the best of the rather dismal collection selection of light-hearted shows this season. It has some gender-bending in it (this time, a girl posing as a guy) which may give it some promise.  However, I’m rather afraid this will break down into a boring harem fan service show, but I’m still hopeful that it will be a show worth watching in the end.

Rule #1 if you're a trap: LOCK THE DOOR!

Rule #1 if you're a trap: LOCK THE DOOR!

OK, this one thought basically sums up the first episode of this series: REALLY?

At first it was the door on the bathroom. Who doesn’t lock it? And if it doesn’t lock, wouldn’t you normally go to another stall, especially if you’re a girl pretending to be a guy? I mean, unless NONE of the locks work.  But that paled in comparison to the storage room incident where in one fantastic moment of grabbing Subaru out of the way of a falling frog-in-formaldehyde, Kinjiro single handedly: unbuckled Subaru’s belt, unbuttoned, unzipped, and partially pulled down her pants, unbuttoned her vest, unbuttoned her shirt, spreading both wide open, and, if she was wearing a bra, either undoing it or pushing it away and landing his hand square on her boob.  I’ve seem a lot of gimmicks in shows to try to get girls naked, but this one was probably first time I audibly let out a “really? REALLY?” as a result. They couldn’t have done something at least remotely plausible like some random hook getting caught on her clothes and ripping them or something?

So, Kanade offers to heal Kinjiro of his girl-phobia in exchange for not revealing Subaru’s secret, though I”m not sure how happy I’d be about that since she looks like someone who could go all Kotonoha over his ass at any time. She is definitely more kowai than kawaii.  For that matter, at this point, so is Subaru. Kinjiro is basically surrounded by uber-violent females. No wonder he’s scared of them.

We’ve already seen some “hur dur Kinjiro is gay” jokes from his reaction to Subaru before he even knew her secret, and now that he can get all blushy over her knowing she’s a girl, I have a feeling those will continue, which will be rather annoying, but I guess some audiences aren’t as enlightened as others.