Usagi Drop – Episode 1

I don’t mean to always blog shows in the noitamina slots, but really, they are usually some of the best looking shows at the start of the season. That plus some other shows that just weren’t very interesting looking plus a lot of hype for quite a while lead me to blog this show.  I really honestly don’t know what to expect.  I’ve read the synopses but that’s about it.  I’m assuming it’s going to be about this guy getting used to raising a kid, though even that is kind of broad.  I guess I’ll find out…

Nobody wants to take care of poor Rin

Nobody wants to take care of poor Rin

I guess it’s hard to say whether this episode really presents a true flavor of what this series is going to be like.  I mean, I think it kind of sets the tone and introduces the characters, but Daikichi just started taking car of Rin, which is going to be the heart of the show, so in that respect, we haven’t really seen anything yet.

Daikichi and Rin seem to be somewhat similar in personality, which is probably partly why they were drawn to each other.  I’m sure that taking care of Rin is going to be a bit harder than Daikichi anticipated, but at least he was good enough to take up the task in the first place, unlike all the other relatives who didn’t want to be bothered with the grandfather’s illegitimate child that they hadn’t known about before.

In any case, just the atmosphere for the first episode gives me optimism for this series going forward.  I just seems like it’s in the grain of a well written part-serious, part-humorous drama.