Madoka Magica – Episodes 4 – 6

A new magical girl, Sakura, arrives in town to replace Mami, while at the same time Sayaka decides to become a magical girl in exchange for healing her disabled friend.  While Sayaka’s first battle goes OK, she is clearly outclassed by Sakura, who had no qualms about fighting her over Grief Seeds.  Homura asks Sakura to hold off on fighting until she can think of a peaceful solution but soon another confrontation takes place, and one of the secrets of being a magical girl are revealed…

The two newest Magical Girls in Town

The two newest Magical Girls in Town

It’s becoming pretty clear that things aren’t all that they seem.  Sakura, who appears to have been a Magical Girl for a while, had no clue that her soul was contained not within her body but within her Soul Gem, and she wasn’t particularly happy with it either.  It’s clear that, despite the straightforwardness of the initial deal (any wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl), Kyubey isn’t telling the whole story to potential magical girls when he asks them to become one.  And if he didn’t say anything about this, what else might he not be saying? His nonchalant attitude toward not revealing the whole truth, and his annoyance at the girls’ reactions when he does is also rather disturbing.

Sayaka has become quite hostile since becoming a magical girl, though I can’t particularly blame her in Sakura’s case, since she clearly is fine with witches killing people just to increase her own power.  However, now that some things have been revealed to her, I wonder if she’ll be a little less gung-ho about it.  It’s obvious that Homura knew the nature of the Soul Gem, which makes one wonder what else she might know. She doesn’t seem particularly keen on sharing, though, at least for the moment. She seems mostly intent on Madoka not becoming a magical girl, which appears to be becoming a wiser and wiser choice, despite Kyubey’s increasing pressure for her to become one whenever Madoka feels helpless.

There was a lot about regretting becoming a magical girl in episode 5.  I’m wondering if Sayaka will start regretting that decision soon the more she learns what it actually means. Also, I’m wondering if Homura’s wish had something to do with being all knowing.  She knew Kyubey was going after Madoka. She knows people’s names even though she just met them. She seems to be very knowledgeable about all the subjects at school She seems to know an awful lot about the nature of the magical girls, and what not. She clearly doesn’t know the future, since she was as shocked by Mami’s death as anyone else, but she seems to “know” more than you would otherwise expect.


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  1. Well – the magic girls get special abilities based on the type of wish they originally made. So that might play into everything.

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