Madoka Magica – Episodes 1 – 3

This is the first of three new series from the winter and spring seasons I decided to go back and watch after the fact.  The reason I picked this one was largely from all the hype I read about it on twitter.  And, heck, it’s currently the #13 anime listed on MAL, so I thought I would give it a shot.  Despite my love for some other Magical Girl shows (see: Cardcaptor Sakura), my experience with other shows of that type have been less than stellar. I’m also skeptical of the loliness of some of the characters in the show art.  However, I’ll give this show a chance.

Not the Dream Job they Imagined

Not the Dream Job they Imagined

This series is certainly starting a lot darker than I was imagining it.  Most Magical Girl series seem pretty pretty cheerful. Sure, they face dangers and all, but you usually don’t see one of the magical girl buddies getting her head literally bitten off.  This series is also different in that, usually the magical girl will become the magical girl in the first episode, and then go off and do their magical girl thing.  In this case, it is almost like the series is about Madoka’s (and Sayaka’s) trips toward becoming magical girls (or not).

Both girls were hesitant about becoming magical girls to begin with since neither could really think of a wish to risk their lives over, and I would have to think that just became more of the case after the death of not just a magical girl, but their tutor Mami, happened right in front of them.  Homura’s attitude also seems to be from more than just not wanting rivals, though I suppose that could just be her personality.  We still haven’t found out what she wished for when becoming a magical girl yet, though.


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  1. Glad to see you blogging again :) . I look forward to seeing your thoughts about Madoka Magica.

    If you don’t mind me asking are you going to finish blogging Gurren Lagann?

    • Yeah, I plan to eventually. That kind of fell through the cracks when I was catching up, I think partly cause I wasn’t really “live blogging” it. I’m still working through the series from the spring I’m catching up on, and I’ll probably get to GL once I finish with that.

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