Kimi ni Todoke 2 – Episodes 7 – 9

Sawako finally gets the courage to confess to Kazehaya, but they’re interrupted before Kazehaya can (verbally) respond, and even though they shared a nice embrace, Sawako is still under the impression that Kazehaya only likes her as a friend.  However, some encouragement from Pin while working on cultural festival stuff encourages her to talk to him again.

Is our long Kimi ni Todoke Nightmare finally over?

Is our long Kimi ni Todoke Nightmare finally over?

Kent still tries to interfere some, I think partly to clean up the mess he made. His first attempt doesn’t go so well, telling Sawako in front of half the school that he thinks Kazehaya likes her, but his second attempt during the cultural festival is a bit more productive, finally convincing Sawako to admit her feelings to Kazehaya. However, the confusion over who thought who rejected whom before still leads to problems as, I’m sure Kazehaya thinks things are settled since he thinks Sawako rejected him then came back around while Sawako thinks Kazehaya rejected her but still hasn’t changed his mind.  Hopefully Kazehaya will reaffirm his feelings when the two meet up, presumably at the start of the next episode.

We saw Kurumi for the first real time in a while in these episodes, though she seems pretty resigned to the fact that Sawako and Kazehaya will eventually get together, despite their current confusion.  I’m not really sure we’ll be seeing very much of her from now on since she appears to have given up trying to sabotage their relationship.  Kent, meanwhile, seems to be about out of it too. He’s done about all he can do and it’s really up to Sawako and Kazehaya to finish things off at this point.

With one set of episodes left, I have to say at this point, this season has felt somewhat redundant.  I thought we had gone through much of this already in the last season, and I figured the two were “together” at the Christmas festival, but they ended up having to get distant and go through the whole exercise again.  This might be more interesting if this was the first season instead of the 2nd season. I was hoping this was going to be more about them trying to work through their relationship instead of still trying to start it in the first place.