Kimi ni Todoke 2 – Episodes 4 – 6

Kent starts sticking his nose into matters that he shouldn’t be. First he tells Kazehaya that he thinks he’s doing more harm that good with Sawako, saying that if other girls think he’s paying special attention to Sawako, they may become jealous and she’ll stop fitting in.  He then goes and tells Sawako that Kazehaya was just being nice to her because she was looking down and outcast and that she should think about finding someone else. Someone such as himself.

Sawako thinks she got rejected...thanks to Kent

Sawako thinks she got rejected...thanks to Kent

Given his reaction after the events where Kazehaya confessed, it seems like Kent was saying that he was saying because he misunderstood the situation and was trying too hard to help, and not out of  malice, though it could have certainly been viewed that way if he didn’t seem to realize he had made a mistake.

And with Kazehaya, for someone who is as impatient as he is, he seems to take one fewer step than he should when it comes to Sawako.  He appears content to leave it as it is when Sawako thinks he’s just saying he is friends with her instead of correcting her belief right then, and then later he assumes that Sawako just likes him as a friend instead of making sure that it isn’t more.  After that and Kent’s interference, I”m not sure I can really fault Sawako all that much in all of this. She was already confused, then Kent persuaded her that Kazehaya really didn’t like her, so that when he confessed, she didn’t believe that he was saying what he was really saying.

After Yoshida’s speech to her at the end of episode 6, maybe Sawako will finally clear things up, or Kazehaya will decide on his own to clear things up, and they’ll FINALLY start going out, but we’ll have to see. Knowing them, they’ll let things fester like this for a while longer before sorting things out. However, whenever they do sort it out, one does have to wonder if Kent’s concern that some of the other girls will turn on her will come true.  We already saw one set calling her garden “weird” and I can see someone going after her herb garden, especially if something weird happens during the class’s “black magic cafe.”