Wandering Son – Episodes 10 & 11 [END]

The Nitori’s have a family meeting where the parents initially try to put the blame on Maho for dressing Shuichi up when they were little, though their father seems a bit more understanding than their mother. Meanwhile, neither Shuichi or Maho go back to school the next day.  Yoshino tells Sasa about the incident, and is kind of in awe of Shuichi never flinching when he was confronted by his teacher over wearing the uniform. Not only that, but Yoshino and Chizuru start getting harassed for their previous dress up experiences as well.  Despite this, Shuichi’s class decides to do another genderbending play for the next cultural festival

Stepping Out into the World

Stepping Out into the World

It was kind of sad see Momoko not only being the least understanding of Shuichi’s friends, but she remained sour for the rest of the season whenever it came to Shuichi, or even Yoshino really for that matter.  Meanwhile, Doi, while still kind of his old self, such as by telling Shuichi he was an idiot for dressing up when he was the one who suggested it, seems to have turned over a new leaf to an extent, such as helping out with the play, and being genuinely upset when Shuichi told him off.

I’m glad we saw a bit more of Saori in the last episode since she had fallen off the face of the planet it seemed for a while, and while she still seems to have feelings for Shuichi, she seems to have accepted the fact that he doesn’t return them.  Meanwhile, I guess not unexpectedly Anna broke up with Shuichi, though in the last episode Shuichi still states his feelings for her.  The status of any of Shuichi’s romantic relationships seem up in the air, though.  I originally thought that him getting with Yoshino was a foregone conclusion, but there doesn’t seem to be anything going on there since he started going out with Anna.  I thought he would kind of strengthen his feelings for Yoshino and vice versa after that, but it seems like Shuichi is genuinely over Yoshino and Yoshino, while I think perhaps jealous at first, seemed fine with him going with Anna.

This series, in the end, was about Shuichi being unsure and shy about who he is, but ultimately coming to terms with it, and not being afraid of it, even if he decided not to go out of his way to show it after the school incident. I think the show has come under some criticism for being too unrealistic, especially when it comes to how understanding Shuichi’s friends are, but I’m not sure that’s the case. Most of Shuichi’s friends were either into cross-dressing or at least flirted with the idea beforehand – really Sasa is the only one who didn’t – and when they met Chizuru, Shuichi was drawn to her because she came to school in a boy’s uniform herself, and Momoko just kind of came along for the ride at that point.  Meanwhile, the reactions of Shuichi’s classmates when he came to the school as a girl are so negative that he basically has to spend a whole semester doing his classes in the nurse’s office.  I almost found it interesting that, due to who was in what class, Sasa really became Shuichi’s primary defender in the last couple of episodes, though there isn’t any hint that their relationship is anything but strictly platonic.

Unfortunately, the series has mostly caught up to where the manga is, though the start of the series started at volume 5, which seems to be unusual.  I think this series is definitely worthy enough of having a sequel, but it’s either going to have to go it’s own way, or wait several years for the manga to get far enough ahead again to do that. I think Wandering Son is a series for those with a particular taste; it certainly is drama-centered. However, for those who like drama series and thought-provoking series, I think that this turned out to be a pretty good little series.