Wandering Son – Episodes 6 & 7

So they have the play, which is a blast, and gives Makoto confidence.  Meanwhile, Shuichi is growing through more growing pains as he starts getting pimples, and asks Anna for advice for controlling them (as his sister won’t help him with it).  The pair start hanging out more until eventually Shuichi gets a crush on  Anna and asks her out.  This causes Yoshino to start backing away from Shuichi and causes Saori to withdraw from her friends completely.

Love or just a crush?

Love or just a crush?

It looks like several things may happen due to this thing with Anna.  First, it looks like since the main reason why Saori has been stubbornly hating on Yoshino is no longer valid, the two seem like they may start making up now.  Also, I think Yoshino may be becoming aware herself just what her feelings for Shuichi are. Kind of ironically, I think she could ignore them as long as she was the focus of his attention, but now that he’s dating someone else, her real feelings will start to come out.

As for the relationship with Anna, I have a feeling it’s going to only be temporary.  I kind of feel that Anna’s feeling for Shuichi may extend merely skin deep because he’s cute, and Shuichi may only have a crush on her due to how much time they’ve spent together, but that’s it.  But I guess we’ll find out anyway.  I think she’s seen him crossdress before, so that shouldn’t be a problem I wouldn’t think.  It’s just a matter of how much they actually like each other and how far away Shuichi is willing Yoshino and Saori to get for Anna’s sake.  I”m betting not very far.