Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 23 – 25 [END]

Noir, Lag, Conner, and Zazi launch their assault against the Gaichu Cabernet in an attempt to prevent it from reaching Yuusari Central, but find that it has no holes in it’s armor. It assaults the Bee Hive, only to find it empty, with Dr. Thunderland having nursed the sacrifices back to health and evacuating them. Largo and the Maka then arrive and the Maka, Niche, and her sister damage Cabernet enough to allow Noir and Lag to stop it. However, Lawrence sacrifices himself to revive it, and Lag has to use all his heart to shine as bright as the artificial sun to attract the Cabernet’s attention and completely destroy it.

Lag dishing out a healthy serving of heart

Lag dishing out a healthy serving of heart

So that ends Letter Bee.  A few things are left unresolved, such as whether the artificial light is bad after all (and if it is, what to do with it), as well as what exactly is Lag.  Niche’s sister said previously, and noted again that Lag merely had a human form, indicating that deep down he isn’t human.  The question, though, is what is he?  Just pure heart, or what?  At least he knows his mother is in the central city, contrary to what Lawrence had told him.  We still don’t really know why she was brought to the central city, though.  I think it’s suggested, though not stated explicitly, that she may actually be the empress (or whoever it is who leads Amberground).

Overall, I think this series was pretty good.  I think it could have had a little bit more direction, but the story was good and it didn’t overdo the action, and the action that it did have was done well.  It perhaps dragged on for longer than it should have at times, but I don’t think it was too bad.  It was fun watching Lag develop, and one kind of gets attached to all the Bees, whether it’s Lag, Zazi, Conner, and yes, even Jiggy Pepper.  It was also good to see Lag turn Noir around from his cold original self into someone more like Gauche. In any case, I seem to have a more positive feeling about Reverse than the first season.  At least there wasn’t as much crying it seemed.

This series had to recover from a mediocre first season and a slow start to the 2nd season, but I think it did so pretty well, especially once we started getting down to it.  The last half of Reverse especially seemed pretty focused and well thought out, giving one enough hints to answer some questions while still leaving others unanswered or even creating new ones.  While the remaining questions do drive me crazy, I guess I can live with them.