Letter Bee: Reverse – Episodes 20 – 22

So we get down to it. We finally discover what Lawrence’s plan is, and who appears to be behind it.  Lawrence plans to use all of those Unable to Become Spirit to serve as sacrifices for Carbernet so that it may become strong enough to destroy the artificial sun.  Noir is against this, and thus Lawrence tries to kill him.  Meanwhile, Connor, Zazie, and Lag try to intercept Carbernet but are fooled by a decoy Gaichu instead, and are only saved by Noir.  Meanwhile, Aria, who is left in charge after Largo goes off for a trip, discovers the sacrifices hiding in Dr. Thunderland’s lab.

Noir has a change of, erm, heart

Noir has a change of, erm, heart

Well I was definitely wrong about the bees seeing how the government was wrong and joining Reverse, not with Lawrence’s plan. In fact, his plan is so sinister that Noir has revolted against it himself, seeing that having more sacrifices is not the way to defeat the government.

Meanwhile, there are two big outstanding questions left: is Largo in on the Reverse plan, since he seems like the logical culprit as the one who stole the Bifrost key, allowing the two twins there to escape, or is he some sort of double-agent who Lawrence thinks is working for Reverse, but actually is working underground to undermine his plan? Meanwhile, did Reverse bring the sacrifices to the bee hive? If so, that would suggest that Dr. Thunderland is involved with Reverse, or were they brought there after either escaping or being rescued?

I tend to believe in the theory that they were rescued and brought to the bee hive, probably by Noir, and that Largo is some sort of double agent whom Lawrence only thinks is working for Reverse but is actually trying to undermine him.  It seems clear that the top priority is going to be stopping the sacrifices, but that doesn’t address the issue of what should happen to the artificial sun.